”Alinipokonya gari” Betty kyalo comes clean on her relationship with Joho.

In a recent interview with Massawe Japanni, media personality Betty Kyallo finally opened up about her past relationship with former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho. Betty confirmed that the rumors surrounding their relationship were far from the truth, setting the record straight once and for all. One of the issues addressed during the interview was the alleged repossession of a multimillion-shilling Porsche Cayenne by Joho after their breakup.

When asked about this, Betty firmly denied such claims, emphasizing that Joho was a true gentleman and that they remain friends to this day.

“It’s unbelievable how fake that story was. It never happened. He was such a nice guy. Even right now, we are friends. We are so cool,” Betty stated, putting an end to the speculations.

Betty, however, couldn’t provide a clear explanation for the reason behind their breakup. She did mention that Joho took care of her during their relationship, even paying for everything, including her DSTv subscription, for an entire year after they separated. Betty’s sister, Mercy Kyallo, during the conversation, highlighting that it was a mutual decision based on how Betty wanted to be supported in case of any future challenges.

Massawe went on to ask Betty if infidelity played a role in their breakup. Betty vehemently denied any cheating allegations, stating, “Do you think I have time to cheat? I don’t know how to cheat.”

When questioned about the possibility of rekindling their romance if Joho were to come back, Betty expressed her current state of happiness and contentment with her current relationship, indicating that she has moved on.

The rumors surrounding Betty and Joho’s relationship had been swirling for some time, it was speculated that Joho showered Betty with luxurious gifts, including a BMW X6 and a Porsche Cayenne, in addition to providing a monthly allowance that would make any girl envious.

There were also reports that Joho gifted Betty a lavish house in Nairobi’s Kilimani area and even helped launch a business for her sister, Mercy, dealing in leather products.According to the rumors mills, Betty ended her relationship with Joho in 2017 after demanding that their relationship be made public, aspiring to become the First Lady of Mombasa County.

Allegedly, this led to Joho evicting Betty from the Kilimani house and reclaiming the BMW X6 and the Porsche Cayenne, both of which are valued between Ksh8 million and Ksh15 million.

Reports further suggested that Betty was driving the Porsche Cayenne along Mombasa Road when she was stopped and the vehicle was repossessed by Joho’s security detail. Betty was forced to park the car near Nyayo Stadium and retrieve her belongings before Joho’s team took possession of it. However, it was said that Joho allowed Betty to keep the furniture and other personal items, and he even provided her with some financial assistance to start a new chapter in her life.

Betty’s relationship with Joho came after the end of her marriage to Dennis Okari, which had faced its own share of difficulties. With Betty now putting the past behind her and focusing on her current happiness, it seems she has moved on from the rumors and speculation that have surrounded her love life.

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