Museveni recovers from Covid-19 after being ill for 11 days.

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni announced to be free of Covid-19, eleven days since he was diagnosed with the virus on June 7.

In a statement on Twitter on Sunday, Museveni said the latest tests showed that the virus was not found in him after a series of positive results during the period.

“On the fight with corona, it has now been confirmed that I am a qualified veteran in the war with the enemy. Today, the samples showed that I do not have the Covid-19 virus. Even the samples last Wednesday showed a decrease in the presence of the virus. Thanks to God, ” he added.

The president explained that he had previously ignored the signs of the virus in his body until he started to discharge mucus from his nose.

He said after being examined by his doctor, it was found that he had a very low level of Vitamin D, which caused him to get a severe infection of Covid-19.

“My Vitamin D levels were very low, my Vitamin B 12 was very low. imagine the President of Uganda is malnourished and risking his life,” Museveni said.

“I immediately started taking vitamins. Then we got vaccines and added vaccines,” he added.

The president also admitted that his situation bordered on carelessness in the management of his personal health, the president asked the health managers in the country to focus on the promotion of prevention of diseases instead of waiting for people to get sick so that they can provide medical care.

“Why did I have a vitamin deficiency? Is it because I lacked money to buy proper food? Nope. It was living without what we should have done and doing what we should not have done,” Museveni stated.

Museveni also mourned the 40 students who lost their lives in a terrorist attack in the town of Kasese in western Uganda.

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