“Kenyan artists are not international because they sing in swahili” – Willy Paul

Willy Paul is upset with fellow artists for using Swahili language which on his part prevents them from going International.

Using his Instagram page, the singer also said he’s aware many artists are struggling with the language but he is ready to offer help, if they fail completely.

While advising them to normalize using English in their songs, he tasked a team of PA to help Kenyan Artists go international for free.

“My Advice To All Kenyan Musicians, please Normalize singing in English. That’s The only Thing Blocking Us From Going Global. I know Wasanii na Kizungu Ni Maji Na Stima.. Hamjui But Just Try Na Mkishindwa Call My PA Mpate Msaada Bila Malipo.” he wrote.

Surprisingly, the artist has only one English song ‘I Do’ which currently has 35 million YouTube views.

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