“Kimemramba”Bobi wine regrets releasing the song he did in his youthful days

Bobi Wine Expresses Regret Over Past Songs

Renowned Ugandan musician, Bobi Wine, recently opened up about his regrets regarding certain songs he released during his youthful days.

During an interview with a local media outlet, Wine acknowledged that he was once an “errant artist” who fearlessly expressed his thoughts, including words and statements that others were hesitant to voice.

Wine admitted that there are songs from that period that he is “not proud of today.” One song he specifically mentioned is “Mr. Kataala,” which directly targeted fellow musician Bebe Cool, as well as his wife and family. Despite his regrets about other songs, Wine clarified that he still stands by his decision to release “Mr. Kataala” and would release it again if given the chance.

Wine’s comments have sparked a debate on social media platforms. While some individuals support his right to freedom of speech, others criticize him for the personal attacks on Bobby Cool’s family.

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