“Wimbo zako huchezwa kwa matanga” Fan tells Jua Cali after his remarks on Njugush’s performance.

The talented Celebrity Kenyan couple Njugush and Wakavinye left fans in awe after thrilling performance in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, in Australia.

The shows were preceded by the content creators hyping them across his social media platforms, promising to give his fans an experience of a lifetime his talent pulled crowds and got Kenyans talking as they gave their views.

From Adelaide to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, the couple left their fans in Australia yearning for more with their performance that saw the venues filled to capacity.

Blending their chemistry on stage with story-telling techniques in which they turned familiar every-day experiences into funny pieces that left the crowd roaring with laughter, the couple left fans cherishing their talent.

While the performance was perfect for others. not everyone came out satisfied.

Many through twitter expressed dissatisfaction with the performance and adviced Njugush to stop doing stand-up comedy if he has run out of creativity.

While Gengetone Artist Juacali agreed with the poster that njugush is not as funny as he used to be.

Via Twitter handle Gustavo_254 told Njugush to make it clear whether it’s mchongoano or comedy so they know before paying for it.

“Njugush next time kindly please specify if it’s mchongoano unatuletea ama ni comedy ndio tujue kitu tunalipia sio kushtuliwa tu fwaa na matusi za primary” He captioned.

The post created a debate with Kenyans expressimg their opinions based on his performance and creativity.

Its_wiseman also agreed with the poster and said Njugush was only great in the days of Real househelps of kawangware alongside his former colleague dJ Shiti.

”These days he does not make jokes, we only watch to support local talent.”

Kaysparks also contributed to the topic first by apologizing to comedians while saying the high cost of living does not allow them to see anything funny.

With the handle ghost_muri advised anyone to utilize opportunities given to them and not to be like ‘Njugush’ in reference with his performance.

librantechie called out Kenyans in Australia for lying while claiming he slept like burukenge after the performance.

Awanyoike3 in agreement said he has lived to say the same and wonders why Kenyans like hyping him.

Frank Munywoki also wrote he knows 5 people who are not famous and are capable of writing jokes, what Njugush should do is pay them to write for him

Andrew Kibe controversial YouTuber showed support to Njugush saying stand-up comedy is not easy and it’s difficult to make Kenyans laugh.

Potentash also commented you can be funny but it’s different from stand-up, because being funny doesn’t mean you can make the audience laugh.

Through the same post, not everyone was convinced by the comments one took the opportunity and told Jua Cali his songs are only played in funerals.

As of the writing of this article, Njugush has not responded to critics about his performance in Australia.

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