Jalango claims being kicked out of all ODM meeting after parting ways with Raila

Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has addressed his fallout with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party

in an interview with NTV Kenya. He denied claims of leaving the party after choosing to work with President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza government.

Jalang’o expressed gratitude to ODM and Raila Odinga for giving him the opportunity to represent the people of Lang’ata.However, he revealed that he was removed from all ODM communication channels and felt like an orphan within the party.

Imekuwa tena siwezi husika kwa chochote ambacho kinahusu chama. Sasa hivi, nimetolewa katika communications channels zote za chama. So, siwezi jua chochote ambacho kinaendea sitaelezwa na pia sitajua. (At the moment, I have been removed from all the ODM communications channels. I am in total darkness since I don’t know what is happening

He mentioned being unable to meet with Raila due to the actions of those close to the former prime minister. Jalang’o clarified that his decision to work with the government of the day had led to his current situation in ODM.

Wengi wananiona kama msaliti. Kwa saa hizi mimi siwezi hata mkaribia Raila. Sina hata nafasi ya kuketi na yeye chini kwa sababu ya wale watu wako karibu a yeye. Sijamsalti mtu yeyote. Kilicho kwa sasa ni kwamba, siwezi enda mahali ambapo sihitajiki. (Many view me as a betrayer. I haven’t gotten any chance to engage with Raila. But I have not betrayed anyone,)” Jalang’o added.

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