Jackie Matubia says they are still sisters with Milly Chebby

Popular actress Jackie Matubia has addressed rumors about her supposed feud with her close friend Milly Chebby, stating that they are on good terms.

Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby.Jackie Matubia (right) clarifies that she and Milly Chebby (left) are like family.

Instagram Rumors of a falling out between Jackie and Chebby Reports had surfaced suggesting that there was a rift between the two friends after they went on vacation to celebrate Jackie’s youngest daughter’s birthday media reported on the speculations, pointing out Chebby’s absence in Jackie’s recent life.

A keen observer noted the apparent drift between the two and mentioned:

“These two went to Mombasa together and fell out while there? Chebby’s family has not wished Jackie’s child a happy birthday.”

After the rumored separation of Jackie and her baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho, the mother of two used to spend time with Chebby’s family, who often included her in their activities.


The YouTuber and her husband, Terence Creative, had also unfollowed Jackie on Instagram.Jackie affirms that she and Chebby are family Chebby usually posted pictures of Jackie’s daughter on special occasions, making it noticeable when she did not send birthday wishes to the young one on her birthday.

Recently, Jackie’s eldest daughter turned eight, and her mother expressed love for her on social media. However, during an interview with Ankali Ray, Jackie dismissed the rumors and emphasized that she and Chebby are like family, and families never break apart.

Jackie also revealed that the comedian’s wife sent her a text message wishing her daughter a happy birthday.”

Yes, we are okay. We are like sisters. She has been busy, but she still wished my daughter a happy birthday. We are fine.We are fine and we don”t have a pronlem. Watu wako busy acheni kuoverthink she stated

Jackie Matubia discloses no communication with Blessing for Months In addition to addressing the rumors with Chebby, the actress shared that she and her baby daddy had not spoken in months.

Jackie mentioned that she was tired of the topic and intended to discuss it in an upcoming episode on her YouTube channel.”I am so tired… Things happen… Do I look like I can wrong someone? Me?

People who are wronged do not keep quiet, it’s the ones who wrong others who stay silent… Love is not a joke… As for me and her, it has been months since we talked,” she revealed.

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