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Why Ruto’s political power is dying and increasing Raila’s Influence.


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The fifth president of Kenya, William Ruto, continues to lose political influence, this is due to a lack of trust among Kenyans.

William Ruto who according to IEBC, won the August 2022 election with 7,176,141 votes equivalent to 50.59% against his competitor Raila Odinga, who had 6,942,930 representing 48.85%

However, Kenyans are now describing Ruto’s government as a ‘road to nowhere’ as they engage police in a cat and mouse game in an effort to reduce the high cost of living.

Ruto among his promises was to bring the cost of living down and raise the poor “Bottom-up”

An agenda is yet to be implemented while the number of poor people in Kenya increases.

He made promises here and there across the country and also pointed the finger of blame about the high cost of living to former President Uhuru Kenyatta and criticized him of Supporting Raila whom he called his ”project”.

He played the game of politics at the expense of starving Kenyans and also pitted the poor against the rich calling them “Dynasty”

A nickname that sharpened him politically and also increased his fanbase during campaigns.

While in churches, Ruto donated millions of shillings winning the hearts of religious people in a mainland’s language it’s referred to ‘religion manipulation’ not forgetting playing victim and calling himself a son of a ‘peasunt’ a name that gave the poor hope of becoming a better person in the near future

Among the promises he made to Kenyans is not to use the police department to play politics, allowing the opposing side to act unhindered, lowering the cost of unga and not a chance for political class to create positions for themselves, Ironically the prime minister position by narc leader, musalia mudavadi is not in the constitution, he also vowed to fight corruption antithetical, corruption cases have been dropping since he assumed office.

The country’s leader has continued to make promises after another despite failing to fulfill the promises he made during the campaigns.

The most recent one being cheap electric boda boda, while delivering a speech on June 1, 2023 during Madaraka day commemoration Ruto said

” We are rolling out an electric vehicle public transport system which will bring down the cost of transport. Our boda boda industry is about to experience inclusive transformation through the introduction of more efficient, affordable and clean vehicles. With this intervention, owning and operating a boda boda will become affordable, secure and profitable”

He further promised to establish five additional export zones to attract domestic and international investments.

“The government has stepped up the establishment of five additional export zones in the coming financial year in Sagana, Thika, Njoro, Eldoret and Busia to complement the one in Athi River,” he stated.

The president also explained that the Kenya Open University, which has already been instituted, will obtain its charter in the course of the same month noting that currently, courses are being uploaded for commissioning.

“The National Open University of Kenya is one of the government’s projects aimed at making university education more affordable, accessible, and attainable to all students.

“National Open University will obtain its charter in the course of this month and as we speak, courses are being uploaded for commissioning,” he promised.

While at it, he pledged to complete ongoing infrastructural projects including various roads and dams under construction in Embu County and other parts of the country.

It’s also important to note his message had an overwhelming plea to Kenyans to embrace the Financial Bill 2023 and the Housing Fund.

“That is why freedom fighters consider the inherent morality of their cause to be a sufficient reward. For example, those earning Ksh200,000 monthly will pay only Ksh2,500 to a fund that helps create jobs for millions of youth and brings a meal to the tables of many hustlers. This is a worthwhile contribution to make for the greater good,” he added.

These among others have exposed him more of a politician than a leader and described him as a man of double speak.

Having said this, Raila’s political influence cannot be ignored, and seems to be getting better everyday as thousands rally behind him for three consecutive days of protests on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Raila who lost with less than 250,000 votes shows that he will win the election if it’s held today

While Ruto’s supporters losing hope in his government and many joining Raila’s party,

This gives Raila more political power and making him a threat to Ruto.

During campaigns, one of the strategies Raila had put in place was to prevent sacrilege, theft, using religion that Kenya is witnessing in Shakhola Forest.

Speaking on Sunday, January 30, 2022 during the launch of the Christian Book by Archbishop Emeritus Habbakuk Abogno, Ida urged NCCK to regulate the establishment of churches and shut down those that fail to meet the required standards.

She noted that many small churches had cropped up in the past few years, adding that they were not effective because their leaders had not been trained.

Ida stated that some church leaders were just reading scriptures as they are written in the Bible instead of interpreting it for their congregants.

According to her, at that time, some Christian institutions had been set up to mint money while using God’s name instead of bringing people closer to God.

“We want Kenyans to subscribe to religions that are formally registered and not those whose belief systems are commodified. It is also important that we conduct training for all those who minister the word of God,” Ida remarked.

In 2016, Former president Uhuru, directed the Attorney General to hold consultation with religious leaders over the increase of rogue pastors exploiting Kenyans.

” We have a few people whose work is to illegally obtain money from citizens. Their false message to Kenyans is that they are spreading the gospel or the word of God. But they enrich themselves from the sweat of their congregants,” Uhuru remarked.

In 2019, Muturi Kigano tabled a proposal at the National Assembly aimed at weeding out rogue pastors and churches but was met with a lot of resistance by religious leaders.

One of the proposals in Kigano’s Bill was that churches should have an umbrella regulatory body with the actual location they intend to operate from and details of their leaderships.

He also had suggested that the church’s leadership should not consist of family members and sought to set the minimum qualification for one to practice as a pastor.

In a statement released on Monday, January 31, 2022 Ida withdrew the statement she made on Saturday, January 29 asking the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) to regulate the establishment of churches and shut down those that fail to meet the set conditions.

She noted that her sentiments did not sat well with some members of the clergy and apologized for the discomfort that she had caused, adding that she had meant no harm.

Further, Ida stated that her remarks had been blown out of context by a section of the media, she added that she is a firm believer and appreciated that preaching is a calling and anyone can be called to spread God’s word.

However, she noted that training of people who will administer God’s word would only make the service of preaching better and promotes the ministration of the word of God.

“As a committed believer in Jesus Christ, I understand that preaching is a calling and anyone can be touched to administer the word of God.

This is a fact I have appreciated for a long time and I have sat and listened to many preachers eloquently and diligently
deliver life-changing sermons

I remain dedicated to promoting the growth of the church space for a better society in Kenya,” Ida said.

The statement and strategies that had been initiated by IDA, Raila’s wife, were not well received and were misunderstood by religious leaders including Kenyans. This among other reasons led to Raila’s lose while many doubted his leadership.

It remains to be seen whether Ruto’s Administration will succumb to opposition’s pressure and implement all the promises he made to Kenyans or he will ignore and do what he wants as the country’s leader.

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