Committee Calls for Police Inquiry Regarding Freshly Buried Bodies in Shakahola Forest

Concerns have been raised over the discovery of freshly dug graves in the vast Shakahola forest, where an ongoing investigation into a starvation cult has revealed the deaths of at least 425 people.

Benson Karisa Ngirani, the chair of the Kilifi Ad-hoc Committee on Shakahola and Ganze Ward MCA, expressed surprise at the revelation of newly buried bodies in the forest, especially considering the heavy police presence in the area. The committee suspects that the government’s claims of securing the entire forest may not be entirely accurate, leaving certain areas vulnerable to misuse.

Ngirani emphasized, “We are taken aback by this discovery. The forest has a significant police presence, so how is it possible for new bodies to be buried here? I believe that the police haven’t fully covered every part of the forest, and there might be other sections where this activity is still ongoing.”The security agencies stationed in the area are expected to provide explanations regarding the mystery of the new bodies found in shallow graves within the heavily guarded forest.

The recent exhumations in Shakahola had already revealed several bodies buried while the multi-agency exhumation team was on a two-week break.The shallow graves, with loose clumps of earth on top and ashes around the edges, raised questions about who was responsible for the ongoing burials amidst the investigation into the Shakahola massacre.

One individual under police custody is self-proclaimed pastor Paul Mackenzie of the Good News International Church, who is believed to be connected to the recovered bodies. These individuals are thought to be followers who starved themselves to death in their belief of meeting Jesus.

As the investigation continues, the committee is calling for a thorough inquiry into the presence of freshly buried bodies in the forest, raising concerns about the overall security of the area.

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