Rick Ross Unfollows Hamisa Mobetto After She Reveals New Boyfriend

Tanzanian socialite and model, Hamisa Mobetto, created a buzz on social media when a viral video showcased her surprise encounter with her new boyfriend, Togolese tycoon Kevin Sowax.

The video captured the grand gesture of Kevin’s affection, with a beautifully decorated room filled with flowers, champagne, balloons, and a bed covered in rose petals, all declaring love for Hamisa. Luxurious Louis Vuitton goodie bags added to the fairytale-like atmosphere.

Before this romantic revelation, Hamisa had spoken about valuing financial stability in her choice of partners, and it seems that her preference has been fulfilled with Kevin Sowax, who has now captured her heart.

However, the unveiling of her new relationship had an unexpected consequence on social media. American rapper Rick Ross, who was previously linked to Hamisa, made a surprising move by unfollowing her shortly after the video emerged. This led fans to question the nature of their past relationship.

Hamisa and Rick Ross were first seen together in Dubai in late 2021, and their cozy pictures and videos ignited rumors of a possible romance. Despite claiming to be friends and business associates, their undeniable chemistry fueled speculations about their true relationship status.

During an Instagram live session, Hamisa playfully asked Rick Ross about the dating rumors, to which he responded playfully, “She is mine,” further adding to the speculation surrounding their relationship.

Rick Ross got to know Hamisa through an Instagram interview with Belaire CEO, Brett Berish. Impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit, Ross named her one of the Belaire influencers, given his association with luxury brands like Luc Belaire and Ace of Spades champagne.

The recent revelation of Hamisa’s new relationship seemed to have repercussions for her past connections, as evidenced by Rick Ross’s decision to unfollow her on Instagram. Fans are left wondering about the reasons behind this move and how the new romance may have affected Ross’s feelings.

Hamisa Mobetto’s love life has always attracted public interest, particularly after her high-profile relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

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