Eric Omondi Advocates for Kenyan Music Revival and Local Radio Airplay

Renowned Kenyan comedian and entertainer, Eric Omondi, has boldly stated that he holds the key to reviving Kenyan music.

In a recent statement, Omondi urged fellow Kenyans to rally behind the “Pass the Play 75% Kenyan Music” motion currently in parliament. He expressed concern that Kenyan radio stations have been promoting foreign music, especially Nigerian and Tanzanian tracks, leading many to believe that international music is superior.

Speaking passionately about the need for more support towards local artists, Omondi emphasized that boosting Kenyan music on the airwaves is essential for the industry’s growth and prosperity. He highlighted that countries like Tanzania (with an 80% Bongo law), Ghana (with a 90% Ghanaian policy), and South Africa (with an 80% local content policy) have taken proactive steps to promote their own music industries, leading to their strength in the global music market.

Omondi firmly believes that by passing the motion to play 75% Kenyan music on radio stations, the country’s artists will have a fair chance to showcase their talent and compete on an equal footing with foreign counterparts in terms of quality and content.

Increased support for local musicians will not only boost their confidence but also attract more attention and traffic towards Kenyan music, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.The motion’s success would mean a significant shift in the music landscape, with Kenyan artists gaining more exposure and opportunities for growth.

Omondi’s call to action serves as a wake-up call to Kenyans, urging them to recognize and embrace the richness of their own music culture and proudly support their local talents.As discussions on the “Pass the Play 75% Kenyan Music” motion continue, Eric Omondi’s passionate plea for a stronger Kenyan music industry has sparked a much-needed conversation about the importance of supporting homegrown talent.

With his influential voice and dedication to the cause, Omondi’s advocacy could play a crucial role in shaping the future of Kenyan music and ensuring its rightful place on the nation’s airwaves.

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