Harmonize abstaining from sex for 30 days, here is the reason why.

Bongo star, Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize is on a campaign of not having sex for 30 days.

In a brief statement on Friday, Harmonize revealed that he is on his sixth day of the campaign which he is determined to complete.

The boss of Konde Music Worldwide noted that the campaign is very important as it will help him determine if he is ready for his future permanent relationships.

““Say no to ngono 🚫 30 days. Day 6. Hiki ni kipimo tosha cha kujipima na mahusiano yangu ya milele ya fwatayo!! 😂” suggesting that this self-imposed test is a measure of his commitment to his future long-term relationships.

“Yaani nikivuka hiki kipimo nitaamini im matured!! Nachukua jiko, naweka ndani maskini ya Mungu, mtoto wa watu hata akisafiri wiki 2 inakuwa ni mchezo kidogo wangu just like that. ”,” Harmonize wrote on his Instastories.

On Wednesday, the musician confirmed that he can definitely endure a whole month without sex as he doesn’t even have a girlfriend at the moment.

“Yes, I can go 30 days without sex because not with anyone at the moment!! Long distance love,” Harmonize wrote on Wednesday.

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