President of Cameroon makes a change of military leaders after coup in Gabon.

One of the longest-serving presidents in Africa has appointed new military leaders on the same day the army took power in neighboring Gabon.

President Paul Biya of Cameroon has made major changes to his country’s defense ministry and armed forces on Wednesday.

No reason was given for the move.

Colonel Cyrille Guemo, Director of Communications at the Ministry of Defense of Cameroon, has told the Turkish news agency that the new appointment has been on the president’s table for many days.

But given the “tsunami of military coups that are sweeping through France’s former colonies… leaders who have been in power for too long” should be worried, says David Otto, a security expert.

“The young generation that is made up of military leaders does not tolerate regimes that operate in some kind of dynasty,” Mr Otto said.

Although Mr Biya’s presidency was initially threatened when the military tried to seize power shortly after his first election, he has since managed to maintain the loyalty of the military.

While Wednesday’s new military appointments are significant, observers say the roles involved lack the power and potential to stage a coup.

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