”Good Genes” Mulamwah raises complains of women begging for pregnancy from him

Kenyan comedian and presenter David Oyando alias Mulamwah has disclosed receiving many requests from women who want to have a child with him.

In a recent interview with Youtubers, the comedian says women have sent him messages pleading to impregnate them and promising to leave without demanding anything.

The father of one also claim that some have gone to an extend of offering to buy his sperms praising him for producing beautiful children.

”I am very busy. I don’t even see anything from women. They are full in my DMs, some want children and many say i produce beautiful children, others want want and leave. But I don’t pay attention to that,” Mulamah said.

He added, “Some even want to buy my sperms, they say Mulamwah sell to me and I wonder what all these is all about”

The comedian said however, he has been turning down all requests. He also announced is currently single as he is not in a romantic relationship with anyone.

When asked about the qualities he looks for in a woman, he made it clear he wants a woman with goals.

“Nowadays, intelligence is the first thing, there are beautiful people all over but with no intelligence. But I look for visions what do you think or how you solve issues, where do you see yourself? what do you want to accomplish as a woman? Where have you put your honor? Those are the ones I will start measuring first before I come to physical appearance. The appearance of the body, you can see for yourself the people I walk with. So you know my type,” he said.

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