”I resigned, I was not fired” – Babu Owino makes it clear about the leadership of KYPA.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has dismissed reports that he was forced to resign from the leadership of the National Youth Parliamentarians Association (KYPA).

In his statement on Monday, the member of parliament emphasized that he decided on his own to resign from his position as secretary general in the party.

He went on to say that this was done in consultation with fellow young leaders elected from the Azimio coalition who held positions in the community.

Babu said that they also withdrew from their duties to allow others to take over with the intention of having a shift leadership in KYPA.

“We met as 15 MPs from the Azimio coalition party and I decided like Babu Owino to resign from my position as secretary general and give way to other new MPs to serve us in various positions.

“I resigned, Hon. Mark Mwenje (Embakasi West) also left the position of deputy secretary general as it is now a minority whip and Hon. Hezena Lemaletian (elected senator) left the position of treasurer and we gave these opportunities to other members,” Babu said. in the video.

The Member of Parliament for Embakasi East added that he also does not need the party and instead, it needs him.

“Do I look like someone who could be kicked out of KYPA? It’s KYPA that needs Babu, not Babu who needs KYPA.”

The MP further noted that at that time, they had only served for one year in the parliamentary party, except for him. He served as SG for five years in the last parliament.

Babu said that their departure is for the benefit of the community, while asking the current leadership not to be swayed by the government and forget to defend the rights of the youth.

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