Women flood church wearing wedding dresses in search for husbands.

A video showing ladies looking for men to marry them has been trending on social media, especially after it was revealed that they flooded the church wearing bridal dresses asking God to bless them with husbands.

In the video that went viral, a crowd of women of different ages in the country invaded their church wearing wedding dresses.

Many of the ladies, who were all neatly dressed in white bridal dresses, were seen in the village praying with all kinds of prayers in what appeared to be a gathering of believers praying in tongues of the Holy Spirit – asking God to send men their way.

Despite the fact that in today’s world, women seem to be moving away from the concept that marriage is the only way for a woman to be respected in society, these women seemed to be motivated and eager to change their marital status by finding someone to be called by his name.

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