Christiano Ronaldo admits he often searches himself on google.

Footballer Christiano Ronaldo was the talk of social media after the financial trading organization ‘Binance’ revealed the interview they did with the legendary player from Portugal.

Ronaldo has been running the advertisement for the company for some time now and this time they decided to put him on the hot seat and asked him to answer their questions directly using yes or no without explaining as they put his answers on a detector that detects lies and truth.

In one of the questions, interviewer Andy asked him if he had ever searched for himself on Google’s search engine.

“Yes, I have searched for myself many times,” Ronaldo replied and the lie and truth detector agreed with his answer.

The player also admitted that he often eats street food.

Ronaldo also admitted that the Premier League in England is one of the toughest leagues in the world, an answer that was true according to a lie detector test.

The Portuguese captain who is currently in charge of the Al Nassr team of Saudi Arabia said by insisting that he aims to play football until the age of 40.

Ronaldo is currently 38 years old

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