”Kwendeni na kizungu yenu!’ Peter Salasya response to critics regarding his interview on Climate change.

The Member of Parliament for Mumias East Peter Salasya has responded to those attacking him on social media following a recent interview on Climate during the climate conference held in Nairobi.

In an interview with media, the member of parliament of the first phase in the thirteenth parliament said;

“Climate change is real because of global warming, what will be discussed at this conference, if implemented then it is for the benefit of the country,”

The MP added that;

“As parliamentarians who have been elected to represent constituencies, we are raising the issue of the environment in our constituencies by advising people to avoid using wood in order to use gas or modern stoves that will not disturb the environment, we have a plan, and our young people have proposals that we intend to present to parliament so that they can get funding to implement them,”

Later blogger, Pauline `Njoroge commented on Salasya’s interview saying:

“I know you are not ready for this conversation but as a country we should stop choosing people because of sympathy and start choosing people who are suitable for the roles, to be honest Peter Salasya is not suitable to represent Mumias East,”

The Member of Parliament has now come forward to explain himself in detail in relation to the interview.

In the video he released on social media on July 6, Salasya explained himself saying that he had attended the conference of his own free will, because he is not an environmental activist and said that he does not know the nature of the country.

Salasya also defended himself saying,

“It is difficult to fight climate change because of poverty and the way people live, and that’s what I said,”

He has also claimed that he tried to use a language that is understood by everyone apart from his colleagues who only used English.



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