Willy Paul mocks Bahati after releasing a gospel song.

Kenyan secular artist Willy Paul, has once again provoked his old time friend and now rival, Bahati days after releasing a gospel song.

Pozee, who announced preparing his year-end album, said Bahati has chickened out that is why he is back gospel – referring to the EMB Records artist who released his gospel song ‘Utarudi Lini?’ recently.

Willy Paul, who has been having a fight with Bahati for the last few years since they both left the gospel to composing secular poems, said that his competing artists – including Bahati – are afraid about the arrival of his album.

Although the artist did not mention Bahati directly, he hit him referring to his recent clothing style like a woman.

”Album Of The Year Dropping Soon, Wasanii Tayari Wameanza Uwoga Na Vitisho Baridi. What I’m Bringing You Is a Real Album.” said the artist

”Kuna Wale Wataacha Music Na Madem Wengine Watarudi Gospel. Anyway Si Ni Life? POZZE Ameamua” he added.

After several people started a campaign encouraging Bahati to return to gospel music which he left several years ago after getting married, Bahati seems to have heard the request of his fans and two days ago he released a gospel song asking God when he will return.

Before releasing the album, Bahati left many in controversy after posting a photo of a coffin with a mourning picture showing his face and writing in the caption ‘Unarudi lini’ where many criticized him for using his photo in a coffin to symbolize death or dying.

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