Earthquake: More than 2,000 people confirmed dead in Morocco.

As OF today,, September 11, 2023. more than 2000 people had been confirmed dead as a result of the earthquake that occurred in Morocco on Friday, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of their country.

In a statement, the ministry added that by that time the number of injured had reached 2,059, with 1,404 people in critical condition.

Following the tragedy that occurred in the mountainous region 72 kilometers south of the capital city of Marrakesh, the Moroccan government has announced three national days of mourning.

Within that period, all national flags in the country will be flown at half-mast in honor of the dead.

The Moroccan army has created teams of officers to conduct rescue operations and provide basic aid to the survivors of the historic tragedy.

The groups distribute various types of aid such as clean drinking water, food, water, medicines, blankets among other basic needs.

In addition, several countries including Israel, France, Spain, Italy, America among others have provided various types of support to the Moroccan government at this difficult time.

Even the neighboring country of Algeria, despite having diplomatic hostility with Morocco, has opened its airspace to allow transport planes to deliver aid to Morocco. In addition, this nation has provided various types of aid to groups that continue rescue operations and search for more survivors.

The Red Cross says that it will take a long and challenging time before normalcy returns to Morocco, especially in the epicenter of the earthquake and nearby areas.

“The work to repair the damage caused by the earthquake may take months and even years,” the agency said in a statement on Sunday.

The most affected areas include Al-Haouz province, the epicenter of the earthquake, where 1,293 people have been confirmed dead. It is followed by Taroudant region where 452 people have been reported to have lost their lives.

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