Kanumba’s mother meets Elizabeth Michael, who was accused of her son’s death.

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael, popularly known as Lulu met the mother of her ex-boyfriend Kanumba.

Steven Kanumba was a favorite Bongo movie actor who was admired by many people. He died due to an alleged quarrel with his girlfriend at the time, Elizabeth Michael.

Elizabeth was jailed for manslaughter and put in prison for two years.

For many years now, Kanumba’s mother has been blaming her for her son’s death. The two have never seen eye to eye and for the first time hit the headlines when they met for the first time and shared an emotional moment together.

When Elizabeth saw her mother-in-law she told her
”Ni muda mrefu hatujaonana, muda mrefu sana”

Elizabeth was over the moon meeting her for the first time after many years..

The mother, who was overwhelmed with joy of seeing her who was her son’s lover, answered Elizabeth saying; ‘Tunamshukuru Mungu’

Elizabeth Michael was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison in November 2017 for the death of her husband Kanumba in 2012.

It is said that Kanumba died after sustaining a head injury while in his room after an argument with his wife Elizabeth.

In addition, Elizabeth explained that she was defending herself against the late actor, who hit her on the head.

Elizabeth Michael, has received the most awards for her acting. Including, the Zanzibar International Films Festival Award, the best actor award, the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for the best film in East Africa, among many others.

Kanumba was widely loved for his great acting skills. His death in 2012, left many with grief as they loved watching his films. Kanumba passed away at 28 years of age.

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