Nameless and Wahu celebrates 18 years of marriage.

The Mathenges, Artists Wahu and Nameless, on September 10, once again full of good memories because it was the day they got married 18 years ago.

The couple celebrated online and are considered role model of society in terms of balancing family and fame have celebrated maintaining 18 years of marriage with a joint message engraved.

In a joint message on their social platforms, they said that now they can be proud because their marriage has reached the age of 18, which in Kenya is legally the age to show that a person is no longer a child but has matured into adulthood.

They wrote that when they flash back to 2005 when they said ‘yes’ to each other, they are full of happiness.

“Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage🙏🏿 , marriage yetu imekuwa adult!! 😁😎We cant help but reflect with Gratitude on a journey of great highs, lows lows, memorable joys and unfortunate pains that we have shared together” They said.

However, they did not fail to admit that in all those years, they have experienced challenges.

They said they have disagreed many times and even fought each other but that could not shake their unity.

“We have fought and made up, we’ve had miss Understandings but always strived to understand each other over the years. But what’s for sure ,we are better individuals and partners because of this union.” they said.

Finally, the two thanked their fans for believing in them and considering them as a role model in their marriage.

“Thank you fam for showing the M’z love through out our journey. Happy 18th babe.♥️♥️ Here’s to forever more” they added.

Last year celebrating 17 years of marriage, Wahu uploaded a video showing how they had a traditional party after the wedding.

The video showed Wahu arriving at the wedding venue by boat, wearing a white dress and brown animal skin.

The artist revealed that before marrying Nameless in 2005, they had been dating for eight years.

Therefore, it is correct to say that the relationship between them has lasted for 26 years.

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