”They think I’m stupid on issues of Climate Change, but I’m working on the ground”- MP Salasya.

The Member of Parliament for Mumias East Peter Salasya has responded to those who have been criticizing his ignorance or rather his inattention to what climate change is – a meeting that ended on Wednesday last week in Nairobi.

Salasya said that even though people see him as a fool in terms of climate change, he is really working in the field for his people who elected him in last year’s August elections.

Salasya uploaded photos and videos of modern machines digging a water well for his people in Mumias East and said that he works regardless of how people see him.

“During the campaign I promised the people of Emutetemo to give them water once I am elected, for the community of Emutetemo and the primary school of Emutetemo they have had a water problem since independence. Today I have left it to a contractor to do the water extraction. As others think i am an idiot when it comes to #Climatechange but the basic work is ongoing,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Salasya had said that he recently went to Mombasa and it was unusually cold. When he asked, he was told it was due to Climate Change.

These are the same views he shared when asked about the ongoing climate summit in Nairobi.

”I have seen people mocking me for not knowing anything about the conference. It is true that I went to KICC for fun, weather is not my area of ​​concern. Right now I am here in Kisumu to look at sugar issues that is about me, not the weather,” Salasya said in a video shared on his social media platforms.

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