Sifuna’s response to Wetangula about the expulsion of ODM rebels.

The Orange Democratic Movement party has criticized the Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetang’ula for what it called involvement in his disciplinary decisions.

ODM in its statement responded to Wetang’ula after ‘assuring’ the rebels that their eviction would not last.

Speaking in Uriri in Migori at the weekend, Wetang’ula said even if ODM shuts out affected leaders, there are other parties open to them as long as they are ready to work for the people’s authority.

“We want to tell all the elected leaders that the door to working with the government for development is open as long as it is done in a Constitutional way. The same problems faced by those leaders also happened to us,” he said.

But in response, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna said Wetang’ula should focus on his duties as the Speaker of the National Assembly to maintain and protect the independence of the Assembly.

Sifuna noted that holding such a position makes him the head of the third most important unit of government and therefore an arbitrator who supports one side in matters of law and political parties rather than being neutral.

The Nairobi senator described him as a supporter of Kenya Kwanza, saying prominent people who have held the same office in the past chose the path of monarchy and favoritism when faced with divisive issues.

“If Wetang’ula feels pressured to speak, we challenge him to put down the power and clothes of the Speaker’s office and meet us on the political platform like any other politician, so that we treat him as we have done. long ago,” Sifuna said.

“Wetang’ula is free to advise his rebel friends to cross the ladder, even to his Ford Kenya party, so that the people can get second place in the vote to elect those who still hold ODM’s values ​​by heart. “

Sifuna noted that despite assuming the position of Speaker, Wetang’ula has never seen fit to resign as the chairman of Ford Kenya.

”He runs the party as an echo chamber of the government where opposition is not allowed and his word is law; it is not the image of democracy he preaches to us,” Sifuna said.

Wetang’ula had further criticized Raila for preaching democracy to the people and fighting for equal democracy in his party, citing authoritarian behavior.

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