The iPhone 15 launched with a standard Type-C charger.

The company that manufactures electronic products, including calculators and Apple phones, has finally agreed to a compromise with the European Union, the EU, by removing chargers for iPhones that were different from others.

Apple has now announced that the iPhone 15 will change its chargers to Type-C chargers which have been adopted as standard chargers by the EU.

The 2023 smartphones were unveiled on Tuesday by chief executive Tim Cook, along with new Apple Watches and AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C charging, both of which the company hopes will tempt customers to switch or upgrade and buy stock. recent.

The standard and larger version of the iPhone 15 is similar to the outgoing models with aluminum sides and new contoured edges, glass back and front. The dual-camera system has a significantly improved 48-megapixel main sensor similar to last year’s iPhone 14, which offers 2x optical zoom, too.

The new models will also have a “power island” cut out at the top of the screen that replaced the old model in the 14 Pro last year.

It houses the selfie camera and the Face ID system in the most interesting and useful part with the ability to show notifications.

They also have screens that are twice as bright at 2,000nits for better outdoor reading.

The USB-C port will enable charging and compatibility with adapters designed for Macs, iPads, Android devices and PCs.

It can also be used to charge AirPods directly or Apple Watch from the phone. The phones will feature the A16 chip that debuted on the Pro last year.

The iPhone 15 will cost £799 in the UK ($799 US, $1,499 in Australia) and the 15 Plus £899 ($899, A$1,649) while in kenya the phone will cost from 125k to 155k in all stores.

The high-end versions of the iPhone are getting more upgrades this year.

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