Truck kills a sex worker while running for money from a customer after a service.

A sex worker was tragically hit and killed by a speeding truck on a highway in Ghana while she was in a confrontation demanding payment from an alleged client she served, Rainbow Radio station from the country has reported.

According to the report, the deceased who was identified by only one name – Anabel – had hired a taxi to the place where she was called by regular customer.

According to the reports, she started fighting with the taxi driver when she arrived in the area, accusing him of having sex with her and refusing to pay for the rare service.

The driver denied the allegations and claimed that it was just a trick to avoid paying the taxi fare of one thousand shillings. Then the driver sped off without paying and left Anabel.

Those who witnessed the incident at night said that while the commotion was going on, the driver entered the car and ran away and when Anabel was chasing him, the speeding truck hit her and killed her on the spot.

Sex workers are often involved in fights with clients who sometimes refuse to pay after being offered their services, and it was one of these incidents that led to Anabel’s tragic death.

This is happening while in Kenya the sex workers of the in Tana River county a few months ago announced an increase in prices due to what they said were the effects of the adoption of the 2023 financial bill which doubled the cost of living.

They were quoted by Taifa Leo newspaper that starting last month the price of sex services will not be less than 500 shillings.

”The price of balls (condoms) has gone up, as have other basic needs such as food and water. We are also raising the price of rooms, now we have to raise them too,” they told Taifa Leo Digital

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