Eric Omondi says he is ready to serve his 1 month sentence, promises fans victory in the near future.

Comedian Eric Omondi has stated that he is ready to serve a one-month sentence after being brought to court.

He was charged in Milimani courts on Friday with fifteen of his accomplices for unlawful assembly and fraud outside the parliament on February 24, 2023.

Responding to his sentence, the comedian used his social media pages where he shared a video of himself and fifteen suspects entering the rooms. He said he was ready to serve a month’s imprisonment as he was hopeful that they would win in the future.

“So I’ve been Sentenced to one Month in Prison with these young guys for Standing against the high Cost of Living. I will serve that one Month but I know tomorrow will be a brighter day!!!!.” the comedian posted.

This is after the case filed in court to prosecute them for protesting outside the national parliament was heard and read by Judge Lukas Onyina, of the Milimani magistrate’s court here in Nairobi, on September 15.

Eric and his colleagues, confessed before the Judge of the magistrate’s court of milimani to be guilty.

The police claimed that the national parliament is a house that refrains from the discussion of matters related to the nation and that there should not be any disturbance.

Eric, on his part, claimed that they had the goal of seeing the Speaker of the parliament to hand over to him the complaints and interests of the kenga people who he explained are suffering from a difficult life situation.

However, Eric has been participating in activities that he claims are to defend Kenyans who he says have failed to face the difficult conditions of life.

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