”My dream was to become a lawyer” – Samidoh reveals his childhood dream, laughs off his now career.

Mugithi artist Samidoh has explained and revealed his dream that he was looking forward to becoming.

According to the father of five, he wanted to become a lawyer.

Against his expectations, Samidoh went on to become a Police Officer and a singer

He is one of the most famous Mugithi artists in Kenya.

Showing part of his KCPE results, Samidoh reiterated that his dream of becoming a lawyer is still valid.

According to the results he was Index 1.

‘Huyo index number one wa kwenu anafanyanga nini siku hizi😜

I aspired to be a lawyer.

Saa hii mimi ni One man guitor AKA. Singing police man 😂😂

Dreams not shattered bado nakula mbuku” He posted.

His manager Moses Marite also shared his results saying he was index 1.

“Those asking how much Samidoh scored in maths, he was Index 001, I Index 005…All I ever dreamed was to become an engineer, now I am a memeer” Moses wrote.

If he was a lawyer, Samidoh would be in the same field with the mother of his children Karen Nyamu.

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