”Employee Representation is important in the EPRA Board” – COTU Boss Francis Atwoli.

The General Secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions (COTU), Francis Atwoli, is urging the Energy Act 2019 Section 12 to be amended to include representation of labor organizations on the EPRA Board, as was the case previously.

Important in this call is that having a COTU (K) representative on the EPRA Board would ensure the welfare of workers in the power sector.

Atwoli said that;

”COTU (K) represents the interests of workers in various sectors, including those in the energy sector. Given the significant impact of electricity prices on workers and their households, workers must be represented on the EPRA Board,”

He emphasized that COTU’s expertise in the energy sector, their knowledge of labor issues and the complexity of the energy market can strengthen discussions within the EPRA Board, leading to more accurate decisions.

The secretary has emphasized that workers representatives can be used as a bridge between workers and EPRA

“COTU (K) will act as a liaison between workers and EPRA, promoting better communication and understanding of each other’s perspectives. The inclusion of COTU (K) representatives in decision-making processes will promote cooperation and constructive dialogue.”

The Chairman wanted a comprehensive review of Section 12 of the Energy Act, 2019, to facilitate the representation of workers on the EPRA Board.

He claimed that the amendment will lead to a more equitable and inclusive approach to energy pricing decisions that will benefit workers and consumers.

”The inclusion of various key actors like COTU (K) in the EPRA board increases transparency in regulatory decisions. It ensures that the interests of various groups of society are taken into account, thereby promoting greater public confidence in the regulatory process,”

Atwoli has urged policymakers to heed this call and consider the wider implications of including workers in shaping the energy landscape in Kenya.

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