Kindiki Kithure promises to deal with Al-Shabaab group.

Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki has said that the government will not relent in the fight against the al-Shabaab group.

Speaking in Wajir County during the operation of Kotulo Sub-County in Tarbaj, Kindiki described the militant group as the biggest enemy of Kenya.

“That is our biggest enemy at the moment. They have caused disaster in their country and they are bringing it to Kenya. We are determined to be a government that restores peace in the North East region,”

The minister continued warning in anger saying;

“We have declared war against al-Shabaab. They may think they will outsmart us but we will destroy them like we did the cattle Bandits.”

Minister Kindiki advised all citizens to work with security officers and oppose attempts by terrorist groups to radicalize young people.

He added that the government will provide security officers with modern equipment to protect them from armed criminals and enable them to protect Kenyans and their property.

However, he commended security officials from all agencies for working tirelessly and diligently to combat insecurity in the North East Region.

“Some of our officers have even lost their lives and others have been injured by armed criminals. There is no reward sufficient to honor our officers for their hard work. They are patriotic men and women who love their country. I congratulate all these officers who are working in the difficult area of ​​the North East,”

He also reiterated that the government will not accept arbitrary killings, saying “The days of forced disappearances are long gone.”

Minister Kindiki oversaw the establishment of the headquarters of Kotulo Sub-County and the appointment of the first Deputy County Commissioner Farah Hassan Mohamed.

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