Thousands of NYS graduates flood Embakasi Barracks seeking KDF jobs.

A video has emerged on social media showing thousands of people named as graduates of the national youth service, NYS, fighting for the few positions announced by the Kenyan army.

According to information, the Kenyan army KDF had announced only 350 positions to be taken for NYS graduates in the army but the strange thing is that thousands flooded and trampled every one who had ever completed the NYS course was trying his luck.

In an announcement last week, the KDF noted that eligible job applicants must have a letter of approval from NYS and must have obtained a minimum grade of D in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

The recruitment comes a week after the completion of the recruitment exercise for KDF special officers as well as men and women which was closed on Friday, September 8.

A total of 1,606 candidates are in the race to join the force, 347 of them qualified for the positions of professional officers while 1,259 sought the position of businessmen and women.

In the video that shows everyone from NYS trying to get a chance to be the first at the gate at Embakasi Garisson Barracks, it has created conflicting opinions online.

Some feel that many Kenyans are increasingly squeezed by the high cost of living, thus making it a matter of life and death when they hear job vacancies advertised.

After the recruitment of NYS recruits is completed, the force will start interviewing the nominees from Monday of the following week.

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