Blow to Bahati as hit song ‘HUYU’ pulled down from YouTube over copyright claims.

Musician Kelvin Bahati alias Bahati has suffered a big blow after his song was deleted from the YouTube platform after a music producer known as Genius Jinix66 from Tanzania claimed the copyright of the song.

This is after Bahati released his new song ‘HUYU’ last week.

After the producer heard the song, angrily and said that the artist Bahati imitated him in the song, claiming that he had done the song himself.

Genius stated Bahati has imitated his song known as ‘JUU’ which he has featured artist Jay Melody.

Before the song was deleted, Genius issued a warning saying;

“Nikiishusha huu wimbo nani atanilaumu, kutengeneza sauti si jambo jepesi jamani,tunaumizwa sana akili, hii ni mara ya pili mdundo wangu wanauiga, nikiongea sijui naonekana aje.”

However, he clarified Bahati did it without his permission because he did not inform him.

“Bahati kaka ungeutaka huu mdundo ungeniarifu tu, ningekutengenezea kuliko kufanya hivi, nawapenda sana Kenya kwa sababu ni nyumbani pia ila tusifanyiane hivi tafathali.”

Then a message posted on Bahati’s YouTube read as follows;

”This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Ginius Jinix66.”

Bahati reading this, responded with surprise and said;

“Another attack from Tanzania, who is Ginius Jix 66? He maliciously deleted my song on YouTube which is number two on trending”

Artist Jay Melody had predicted there is a possibility that the song will be imitated.

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