Carrol Sonnie Overwhelmed with emotions when asked if Mulamwah is helping her raise the child.

Carrol Sonie seemed overwhelmed with emotion after Nicholas Kioko asked her a question regarding the Paternity of their daughter and whether mulamwah is contributing to the upbringing and care of Keilah.

Although she could not directly answer the question, Sonie seemed to lean towards the fact that since Mulamwah made it clear on social media the child is not his, he has never looked back and probably does not provide any care for his daughter.

Sonie asked Kioko to ask Mulamwah that question instead since he is the one in the best position to answer whether he is helping in the upbringing or not.

“To be honest, I don’t want to talk about those stories too much. What’s important right now is that Keilah is doing well, she’s growing. But I also feel the person you mention should be asked the question, a question like [Sonie laughed] … we all know that he rejected his daughter. I don’t know why you don’t ask him the question that it is true you rejected your daughter” Sonie answered with difficulty.

Sonie emphasized that things might be fine if the Youtuber asked Mulamwah the right questions about the growth of his daughter Keilah.

“It’s good to ask him questions like ‘Keilah is your child, yes or no'” she gave a guide to questions for Youtubers.

However, Sonie really wanted to shed light on the whole issue of who is the father of her child, saying that is not the concerned issue right now, but what she focuses on, is seeing her daughter grow up in a healthy and good environment.

Two years after breaking up with her lover Mulamwah in a nasty manner, Carrol Sonie has opened up about the progress of her love life.

In an interview with Nicolas Kioko shortly after returning to Nairobi from a short holiday in Mombasa, Sonie said it’s unlikely for her to stay without a man warming her bed, admiting to Nairobi’s cold weather as something she could not tolerate.

However, she denied disclosing her mysterious man or any details about him but left her fans with a promise they will soon get to know their online-in-law.

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