Director Phil Karanja, Kate Actress part ways after 6 years of Marriage.

Actress and entrepreneur Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate Actress has confirmed that she and her husband who is a video director, Phil Karanja are no longer together


Kate made this clear through her insta stories where she uploaded a message to confirm saying they broke up a long time ago but they agreed to keep the break-up a secret to deal with their careers.

Kate uploaded the message which was written from both sides, she and Phil and asked their fans to agree with their decision that things failed to stabilize.

“We came to conclusion to end our marriage a long time ago and we separated. We really ask everyone to respect our decision for our private lives but also for our children’s,” the short message read.

It will be remembered that several weeks after she was appointed as a member of the Talanta Hela council by minister Ababu Namwamba, some fans raised rumors that Kate Actress seemed to have separated from her husband Phil Karanja, a rumor that however faded even before it blossomed.

Now Kate has confirmed that the rumors of their breakup were true but insisted that they kept it a secret just to straighten out some aspects of their work and now is the right time to make it official they are no longer together.

“It was not a secret, it is true we broke up for a long time. We decided to keep it private. To all our fans, thank you so much for supporting us all these years,” Kate said.

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate Actress was married to Phillip Karanja (popularly known as Phil or Melvin), a film director and former actor of Tahidi High since November 17, 2017.

Their honeymoon was celebrated in Seychelles.

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