”Money is very important in relationships” Says Content Creator, Chebet Ronoh.

Media influencer and content creator Deborah Chebet alias Ronoh has admitted that money is very important in relationships.

Ronoh reiterated that the situation she went through led her to put money on the front line in matters relationship.

She explained that she regrets considering love as everything in any relationship and that taught her to avoid relationships that are not stable, saying that stability brings stability to everything in a relationship.

”I learned that the hard way because I thought love is everything but no, we have to have financial stability first and everything else will follow.”

Ronoh noted that she will accept and love a man who is self-motivated and who owns his kind of property.

“If I find a man who makes my life easier and who has wealth and also earns a good income, then I am willing to enter the relationship with him.”

The content creator used to be a presenter on NRG radio station working alongside Charlie Karumi.

This explains in detail why many marriages tend to fall apart and people end up separating after a period of marital relations.

The issue of money in marriage pushes young men to work even harder to be in a good position to meet the needs of their lovers, otherwise they may end up in vain in the end.

Also, this issue also discourages many young people from getting involved in relationships, fearing they will be sexually betrayed by their partners, thus ending up without a partner despite their age.

It really requires people to accept themselves and live within their abilities and tolerate each other in relationships by enduring what they have. In addition, it is good for young men to make every effort in life to find money in an appropriate and clean way to support their families.

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