”Azimio is stronger” Jeremiah Kioni denies the existence of a Fallout.

Secretary General of Jubilee Jeremiah Kioni has emphasized that the Union of Azimio – One Kenya Alliance still exists.

Speaking on Friday, Kioni who was responding to allegations that Mount Kenya leaders in Azimio were leading a new political party called Kamwene Leadership Forum said the opposition was stronger than many would like to believe.

He said Kamwene members have been holding meetings in various places, and it was his turn to welcome them to Jubilee offices.

”We are Azimio. The Azimio is fine and I’m sure it’s more solid than most would like to believe or would be happy to hear. We talked about Kamwene this week when I hosted Jubilee. We have had many. other meetings in Narc Kenya,” Kioni said.

News about the existence of a new political alliance came after holding a press conference after the Kamwene meeting on Tuesday.

Kioni further explained that Kamwene means “talking about your own issues; let’s talk about ours first before taking our grievances to others”.

He said people are leaving the ruling party but they are not joining the Opposition and one of the ways they are giving direction to the people is through Kamwene.

Kioni said the party belongs to everyone from the Mount Kenya area.

“It is clear that people have left UDA but they do not come to Azimio like the Israelis and we cannot allow them to wander for 40 years, we must give them direction quickly and Kamwene is just one of the instruments to give them direction. It’s not for anyone, it’s for everyone,” Kioni said.

“In our last meeting we had businessmen who came and said it’s true we have to start talking about our issues,” he said.

Tuesday’s meeting in Kamwene was largely interpreted as the Mt Kenya group of Azimio seeking their way out of Azimio.

There have been allegations of conflict within Azimio and Mt Kenya leaders were not selected to be part of the National Negotiation Committee.

This is happening while Kioni is leading the Technical Committee of Nadco from Azimio side.

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