”I earn more than Bahati, but still submit” – Diana Marua Praises her Husband, says She would be nothing without him.

Diana Marua has once again talked about the role her husband Bahati has played in her life until she is now the number one YouTuber.

Diana revealed this during a conversation with her nannies in her living room saying that she will always respect Bahati for not locking her up and instead giving her the freedom to do everything she felt she could do without restrictions.

Marua said that the place she has reached now as the number one content creator is due to the efforts of her husband Bahati.

”Bahati often comes and tells me that people tell him to stop helping me do what I love, because one day I will leave him. Let me tell you the truth, Bahati has taken me far. And where I am right now is all because of him. Everything that Diana does, from promoting content, to being a mother, he has been pushing me,” she said.

She admitted that when she met Bahati, she had dated other men but none of them could help her reach her goals, like what Bahati did.

“Meeting Bahati, I was dating out there and I have said this many times. And when I was dating I was looking for true love. I dated a lot of men, most of them had money. Bahati found me, I had not missed anything,” she added.

At that time Bahati said he knew what she needed – she did not want to get married to be made a housewife, something her ex-boyfriends had proposed to her.

Bahati was the one person who took her and gave her the life she is living now – a life with all the freedom to do what she wanted.

Diana further revealed Bahati never made the first move, she did, but first wanted to make friends.

”Bahati never seduced me, it was me who told him I want to be your friend, not to be your girlfriend or wife. At that time I was aware of the society’s concept that I would not marry a man younger than me. So I wanted to be a true friend because he was a different person,” she said.

Later she met Bahati, who was preaching to her and that’s when the journey of love began.

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