”Morgan is the first child to call me mum, all the wealth we have is his blessings” – Diana Marua Says.

YouTuber and content creator Diana Marua has for the first time narrated how she started the family with her husband Bahati.

Speaking at a meeting with her nannies, Diana said Morgan was one of the orphans being raised in the orphanage where Bahati grew up.

During the concert in the compound, Morgan performed Bahati’s songs and that’s when Bahati fell in love with him and adopted him.

She said that later when she married Bahati, Morgan was the first child to call her ‘mum’ and admitted since then their family has been followed by Blessings successively due to the act of adopting him.

“I am proud to be Morgan’s mother, to be honest Morgan was the first child to call me mother and I will always remember that. And I say the blessings we have until now, the house and 7 cars we have are because of Morgan’s blessings,” Diana Marua said.

However, Diana Marua with honesty said it has not been easy raising Morgan since Bahati adopted him at the age of 2.

Diana also thanked God for his growth until now.

She also spoke about the issue of people dragging the child into the conversation trying to compare him to the footballer Victor Wanyama.

She said despite the fact that they were annoying her, she could not block them or respond to them in any way because they contribute to their success.

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