Director Trevor answers when he will officially marry Mungai Eve and have their first child together.

Director Trevor, who is engaged to Mungai Eve, has answered his fans about their marriage plans.

Trevor engaged his fans in a question and answer session on Instagram, asking them to ask any question they felt needed answers about his relationship with Mungai Eve.

During the episode, a fan wanted to know when the two would tie the knot.

Director Trevor answered them saying, although they have not set the exact date to get married, they are happy with their future plans together.

” Thank you for asking about our future plans! Eve and I are very committed to each other and our relationship. We believe in taking the time to build a solid foundation for our relationship and make sure we are ready for the next step. Although we do not have a specific date set for of our wedding yet, we are excited about our future prospects and sharing a plan when it feels right for us. We appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to grow and navigate our journey together.”

The two have been dating for more than five years since Director Trevor publicly announced Eve as his girlfriend.

During that period, fan also asked him to mention when they plan to have their first child, where he mentioned a specific date.

“January 26 in 2026”. He replied.

In addition, they also wanted to know his role in Mungai Eve Media as a founder, saying his role is to manage the strategic direction.

“As the founder of Cff of Mungai Eve media online, my role involves managing the overall strategic direction of the company, overseeing the construction of daily activities and leading a talented team that promotes cooperation and ensures the company’s growth and success in the digital environment that continues to change media.”

On January 26 this year, the two had a great party celebrating five years of their relationship.

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