Jimal Rohosafi shares main reason for undergoing hair transplant procedure.

Renowned Kenyan businessman Jimal Marlow Rohosafi has indicated that the desire to remain young forever is the reason he is under pressure to undergo hair transplant surgery.

On Tuesday, Jimal who is currently in Turkey for the second part of his hair transplant showed a video of a hospital attendant treating him.

Under the video he published on Instagram, the father of three said that it is everyone’s dream not to grow old.

“Every human’s dream is to stay young forever,” Jimal wrote under the video he uploaded on Instagram.

He attached the video to the song ‘Young Forever’ by Jay-Z and Mr Hudson.

In another post, the matatu businessman noted that hair transplant is a way of showing love.

“Always love yourself first,” he wrote under the headshot he posted.

Jimal has also revealed that apart from the hair transplant procedure, he also plans to undergo a special procedure to reduce his body weight.

“I need to lose from 95 kg to 75 kg in 4 months. Today is Allurion Intragastric Balloon: Step by step,” he wrote.

Jimal was scheduled to undergo a hair transplant procedure in the past but postponed it due to COVID.

“I’m going to the second part. The last one,” he announced, promising to share before and after photos.

Turkey is said to be the center of various beauty procedures. Jimal’s ex-wife, Amira also once traveled there for a weight loss procedure.

Hair transplant procedures cost about $4,500 (Sh 664,200). Hair transplantation in Turkey involves removing hair from the donor area (usually the back of the head, but also the beard and other areas if necessary) and transplanting.

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