Kanye West and his wife accused of wearing like terrorists and half-naked in Italy.

Officials in Italy have warned controversial couple Kayne West and Bianca Censori to ‘watch out’ after pictures of them dressed in less than conservative ways recently.

Rapper Kanye and designer Bianca, 28, have been on a long holiday in the country and have been photographed in Milan, Venice and Florence.

And every time they’ve been out the couple have sparked controversy – including possible indecent offenses and breaching terrorism laws.

Last week in Florence Kanye was seen directing a photoshoot which involved Australian-born Bianca parading down the city’s high street in a ‘nude’ outfit that left no stone unturned.

Officials from the city’s tourism office warned the couple to respect the rules of public etiquette and reiterated the city’s motto of ‘Enjoy and Respect Florence’.

‘Florence is not a beach business – your dress (and behaviour) must be respectful’ and any breach can be punished with a 500 Euro fine.

The head of tourism Andrea Giordani at the office of Tourism and Promotion in Florence, where the couple were seen at the weekend, said:

“I would like to remind Kanye and his wife that they have broken the principle of Enjoy and Respect Florence, in fact their behavior goes beyond that, and especially in the case of Venice where they were seen on a boat allegedly having sex – Italy is not that kind of place.”

‘We remind you of the principles of Enjoy and Respect Florence – it reminds holidaymakers to remember which habits are bad but also which ‘good habits’ to live the city correctly and plan your stay well.

”Only in this way will it be possible to ensure the existence of citizens and the protection of the rights of each one of us, to respect the environment, the artistic heritage and the identity of Florence, the city that was the origin of the Renaissance and is the capital. UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

The code lists a series of prohibitions that say it is forbidden to sit in the streets, church grounds, on the stairs, cemeteries and churches and to avoid ‘extreme games’ and pranks that cause danger or fear in public places.

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