”Not me” Brian Chira denies his alleged viral video.

Brian Chira made headlines last weekend when a video of a naked guy who was claimed to be him went viral.

The controversial tiktoker has come out to completely deny the person in the video.

During an interview with YouTube blogger Presenter Ali, Chira couldn’t believe his name was trending following the video going viral on social media.

Presenter Ali played him the video tape showing the dirty things that he did on the live show in an effort to find the truth.

But that didn’t last either, which forced Ali to ask Chira to openly admit it wasn’t him, which he did without any shame or composure.

“I swear that’s not me! I swear that’s not me! Ali!” Then he continued telling Ali he did not know who that person was who looked so much like him.

The man in the video that has been trending on social media surprised many when he appeared naked fingering his exit hole directly on camera.

The action angered many – with some calling for swift punishment from the department to control the use of social media.

Some X netizens claimed that Chira is not ecologically sound and he is in dire need of help.

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