Akothee’s response about ‘taking off’ her wedding ring as concerns about her marriage with Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer increases.

Concerns about singer Akothee’s marriage have continued to increase among Kenyans day by day as many continue to ask questions about the fate of the union that initially seemed good.

In the past several months, Akothee has been very silent about her husband Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer and curious kenyans have been pushing her to answer about the whereabouts of the man from Switzerland.

On Thursday, the 43-year-old musician shared a video of herself enjoying a nice meal and as usual, in the comments section, fans were flooded with all kinds of questions and comments especially regarding her marriage. One of the fans who commented claimed the singer may have taken off her wedding ring and asked her to answer.

”Why did Akothee take her wedding ring? Asking for Insta in-laws,” @janet_williams0 asked the singer on Instagram.

Akothee who seemed not to like the question replied, “Yes I did, call the police and put your on.”

A closer examination of the video that the musician posted however revealed that she has two rings on her left hand. It is not clear if those rings are the same ones she put on her finger to symbolize marriage.

Some other Instagram users teased her by informing her how they miss the man she married in April.

One noted how the mother of five has not been speaking about Omosh recently and informed her that fans miss him.

“Nowadays you don’t talk about Omu-husband stories?? We miss him,” @geogeousgal32 wrote.

Akothee answered, “Go marry him so you won’t miss him.”

@ressymercy also commented, “I miss Omosh.”

While answering her, the singer said to her, “Miss your husband, your lover or whatever, how do you miss someone else’s life? You don’t have yours?”

Recently, kenyans have been expressing their concern about the fate of Akothee and Omosh’s marriage which ended on April 10 this year.

Earlier, the couple was seen together a lot and even celebrated each other with sweet words on social media, something that has not been seen for a long time now, a situation that made fans raise concerns and ask questions.

It is clear that the famous singer and entrepreneur Akothee has made a change on her Instagram profile.

If you look at the current about on her Instagram account, it is obvious the mother of five has removed the name of her husband Dennis Shweizer alias Omosh and replaced it with a description of her work. Previously, she described herself as ‘Mrs Schweizer’ and ‘Marketer’.

The 43-year-old artist, however, has now made several changes to her profile and introduces herself as CEO AKOTHEE SAFARIS, CEO of AKOTHEE FOUNDATION and MARKETING CONSULTANT. The name Mrs Shweizer is no longer on her Instagram profile.

In addition, it also seems that the controversial singer has already deleted some of the photos of her husband that she had published in the past.

Akothee changed her Instagram profile in April this year after marrying Dennis Shweizer in a lavish wedding held in Nairobi. The couple who seemed to be a very good union had promised a second wedding which was scheduled to take place in Switzerland but it did not happen.

The musician’s move to change her profile again comes when she continues to trend on various social platforms after admitting that things have not been the same in the past few months.

On Sunday evening, Akothee made a disturbing statement about the terrible times she has gone through in the past few months.

The mother of five revealed that she has been attending special counseling sessions with a psychologist and trying to recover in private for the past two months in an effort to regain her mental health.

She revealed that all her troubles started after she found some truths and some scary details that scared her and made her go into a pool of thoughts.

”I have been healing in private , I am on my 2nd month of therapy The trauma I went through after finding out the truth & some ugly stuff that left me shaking ,Went days without food & No sleep , questioning and answering myself , it has been very heavy 🙏 some days , a night will just break into a day with me looking outside the window guessing at nothing 🤔, I would be shaking for reasons I can’t explain, and just remember,I still had work to do, A family and an empire to protect . I still had to put on a strong Face and entertain my fans 🙏” Akothee said on her pages.

She added, “Nellyoaks has been on speed dial he would call me nonstop and would panic when my phone went off , my children equally especially the girls made sure we had a face timer just to check if I am okey 🙏 Rue Followed me to Europe in fear of Losing me , baby sitted me until I could stand on my feet 💪.

I started by monitoring my behaviors , I realized I was breaking down quite often for no reason 🤔, even just a simple interview 🤔I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it . I never knew about Emotional Abuse , until I started therapy 🙏

I was in a bad state of mind that got me pay 50,000 ksh per hour for an hour session with the first therapist 🤔,I was shaking and lose of energy, appetite ,sleep ,panic attacks and even lost motivation in doing things I loved to do 🙏

She has pleaded with fans and blogs to give her a break even though the tea is too sweet to go unnoticed.

‘I request All of you to stay calm , keep praying for me and my family 🙏 Please Blogers I know this is some sweet Gossip but I ask you to give me some private moment , Allow me go through this and once everything is okey and I am stable enough to talk about it , I will be back with Good news .

We are fixing some stuffs off cameras, and I have made a decision 🙏,I don’t want to hurt anyone not even you reading this ,not at all.

For those who love me keep me in your prayers 🙏

I have also always wished to do good things ,but bad ones show themselves.”

Akothee officially married Dennis Schweizer in a lavish wedding held in April this year after dating him for several months. It is not clear if the two are still together as husband and wife.

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