Mixed reactions as Guardian angel holds his wife’s breasts in new photos.

Famous couple Peter Omwaka alias Guardian Angel and Esther Musila have continued celebrating each other in public and show their deep love.

The couple often post each other on their social platforms and write sweet messages to each other, a clear sign they are very happy with their marriage, despite many cheering and celebrating them, they are not without haters and critics who leave negative comments on their social media posts.

On Saturday morning, Ms Musila shared beautiful photos of her and her husband enjoying time together at their home.

”The day will only be as good as the thoughts you have” Musila wrote under the photos.

In the photos, Guardian Angel was seen standing behind the mother of three and stretched out his hands and placed them on her left and right breast in separate photos. The two looked happy together and beautiful smiles filled their faces.

The post however invited a lot of criticism from a group of users who felt that the behavior depicted in the photos was unethical.

@zuri_collections254 said, “Now you have started amber ray and rapudo behaviors. Do breasts have to be touched?”

Ms. Musila, who seemed unhappy with the comment, replied harshly, “Are your breasts missing or are him holding, hurts you?”

Another critic, @roba_49 said “Ben 10 and his mum.”

She replied, “Absolutely, what will you do?”

Another one commented saying, “This one is not afraid of curses” and the 53-year-old replied, “If curses bother you, I’m sorry. none of our business.”

However, not everyone who commented was critical of the couple as some offered kind words and defended them against the criticism.

@perisetieno said “When Jesus say yes nobody can say no…………..aki nyinyi watu mujawai choka, Si ni husband and wife wakona right to touch anywhere,Sasa iyo ni kuguzwa tu……na aki post guardian akinyonya😂😂😂😂SI MTA faint”

Miss Musila seemed to agree with the words of the fan saying “they will never wake up.”

@look_empire_254 wrote “I love this couple. beautiful and warm.”

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel have been in a stable relationship for the past three years and made their marriage official by tying the knot early last year. They have often been criticized especially due to their big age difference but that has not stopped them and instead they seem to be getting stronger together everyday.

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