Relationship advice from mike sonko to couples after a video of Raymond Ndunga slapping his wife emerged.

The former governor of Nairobi Mike Sonko through his twitter page shared his thoughts on the state of modern marriages, especially due to a video that was circulated rapidly linked to Raymond Ndunga.

The former governor of Nairobi said that domestic violence has a place in modern society.

“Men at times some of us huwa na umbwakni sana kwani hamjui siku hizi mabibi hawapigwi.” he shared and continued to highlight the importance of choosing a life partner wisely and promoting harmony in marriage.

Sonko began by dealing with the increase in cases where husbands and wives are faced with disputes over minor issues.

He stressed the importance of individuals, especially young men and women planning to get married, to consider their choice of spouse.

”Nowadays naona a lot of cases za husbands and wives wakikosana juu ya vitu ndogo ndogo. Ndoa nikuvumiliana, hizi domestic issues hazitakangi hasira na mdomo”

He shared a personal story, thanking his wife, Primrose Mbuvi, for her unwavering support and understanding during times of challenge and happiness.

”Mi ushukuru my lovely wife @primrose_mbuvi sana kwa kuvumiliana nae wakati wa shida na raha. The secret for survival of any marriage or relationship” he said.

The passionate politician believes that the key to the survival of a marriage or any relationship is based on mutual respect and support between partners. He stressed the importance of a balanced partnership, where both partners lift each other up instead of competing or belittling each other.

”The secret for survival of any marriage or relationship, when your wife ako juu wewe kuwa chini and vice versa, mukiishi hivyo ndoa yenu italast for so many years” He wrote.

Mike Sonko’s heartfelt advice has touched many on social media, sparking a debate about the importance of maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship.

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