Meet Khaby Lame the most popular TikTok influencer with an income of 16.5 million USD.

TikTok star Khaby Lame, who has been entertaining his followers without saying a word, has been named a celebrity influencer by Forbes magazine.

The magazine estimated Lame’s income to be 16.5 million usd (Sh2.4 billion) by June 2022, This was due to the endorsements that the influencer has had since his success.

Lame told Forbes magazine that for every post he publishes on TikTok and Instagram, he earns a total of one million USD (Sh148,000,000).

Forbes reported that Lame has worked with Companies such as; Hugo Boss, Binance and QNB bank.

The 23-year-old tiktoker also told Forbes that the companies he works with must get direction from his family and friends, this does not include alcohol, cigarettes and any product that is bad for human consumption.

“I Decline many business requests, I want to do clean work, I have never worked with an alcohol company, cigarettes or anything that is bad because children follow me,” he said.

This Italian influencer became more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then he has 81 million followers on his instagram and is followed by 161 million people on tiktok.

“When I started making videos, people told me to get a proper job, but I kept making videos because that’s what I like to do, even though no one was watching them,” he told Forbes.

To rank Lame as the most influential creator, Forbes said it used data on the income, follower counts, engagement rates and entrepreneurial activities of thousands of Internet celebrities with the help of a creative marketing firm.

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