Aden Duale reveals the shocking amount of money KDF soldiers receive after death.

Defense Minister Aden Duale has revealed that KDF officers who die on duty are entitled to compensation of millions, which is paid to their beneficiaries.

Speaking before the Senate on Wednesday October 4, Duale was responding to questions raised by the Senate on the well-being of the Kenyan security forces and the challenges they face while serving.

Duale explained the terms of the compensation which vary according to the place of service.

”Within 30 days … if an officer is serving in our country he gets Kshs 4 million immediately on top of the pension which has a feature called free death,” said Duale.

A death gratuity is a lump sum paid to the dependents or beneficiaries of an officer killed in the line of duty.

To the officer sent abroad, CS Duale explained that “Apart from Kshs 4 million, the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) gives the family USD 50,000.” This means Kshs 7.4 million.

However, Duale noted that sometimes the beneficiaries of the officials may not be able to get the compensation due to family disputes.

“We get few cases where because of a family dispute the money is not available,” said Duale.

He also said that the officers are buried with respect.

Kenya is preparing to send Police personnel to Haiti in January 2024 amid controversy over Kenya’s involvement in the peacekeeping mission.

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