”Death is the only thing we have in common” Huddah monroe writes, as she mourns Aziza Frisby.

Huddah Monroe has spoken about the fake love that runs on social media when someone dies.

She wrote this a few minutes after offering her condolences to the late Aziza Frisby, an Instagram model.

“It’s a fake love for me when someone dies. I hope I’m on Pluto when my time comes. Death is the only thing we all have in common. Some early, some late. But we all die eventually.” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

She added;

“Some people make fun of the dead and the old as if they will stay young forever and never die. It’s a right of passage for all of us. Humble yourself. It’s a turn for a turn.”

She asked her fans to stop living to please other people because the dead are quickly forgotten.

She also asked people to stop looking for relevance with people’s deaths.

“If you didn’t know someone in person or even met them, just saw them online, please save your RIP for your friends. Stop looking for attention with people’s deaths.”

Kenyan socialite and business woman Vera Sidika on Wednesday mourned Aziza saying that she will make sure justice is served because Aziza’s death was not normal.

The mother of two took to her social media accounts on September 4 to express her grief and disbelief over the death of a close friend.

In her emotional posts, Vera Sidika mourned the tragic loss and explained that she had just had a conversation with Aziza, whom she considers a friend.

“I can promise you one thing, that girl’s star is so bright they couldn’t take it anymore. They had to finish her. And we will get to the end of this. Jealousy everywhere. I know for sure what that town is capable of. You can’t trust anyone,” she wrote.

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