Kemri fails to identify the illness of Iregi students

The results of the samples taken from the students of Eregi Girls High School have been made public.

Samples taken from the girls school by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) show that these students have no disease.

Kakamega County Director General of Health Bernard Wasonga disclosed this.

“There was no infection at all due to their condition, KEMRI has brought the results of the samples taken and they show no disease,” he said.

The results of the sample came from at least 44 students out of 106 students suffering from the mysterious disease.

The remaining 62 will continue their studies without any problem. The students are said to still be showing signs of weak legs and difficulty walking.

The strange incident left other students in the school worried as the students wanted to be allowed to go home with their parents.

The school was later temporarily closed on Wednesday and is expected to reopen next week.

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