Artist Ed Sheeran explains his decision to dig own grave

UK’s longest-running new generation artist, Ed Sheeran has shocked the world after revealing he has prepared his own tomb in his compound.

The artist disclosed this in an interview published on Wednesday last week by GQ Hype where he said the preparations for the grave have been completed and he is now awaiting his death.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a secret,” Sheeran, 32, told GQ Hype in an interview published Wednesday. “It’s a hole dug in the ground with a stone on it, so any day I die, I go into it.”

The “Shape of You” singer said it’s a place where he can mourn the people in his life who have died. While it was being built, he realized he would like to be buried there so that his daughters, Lyra and Jupiter, who live with his wife Cherry Seaborn, could remember him there.

Sheeran – who also uses the sanctuary to host weddings for his friends – noted that as well as the church itself, he decided to make it his final resting place so his children could come and remember him after his death.

“People think it’s weird and very sad, but I’ve had friends die without a will, and nobody knows what to do.” he said.

Sheeran has suffered a lot in the last couple of years. In 2021, his mentor, Michael Gudinski, died at the age of 68.

The Grammy winner paid tribute to Gudinski at his memorial service in Australia at the time, singing “Visiting Hours,” an emotional song he wrote in honor of his friend. The following year, in February 2022, Sheeran’s best friend, Jamal Edwards, died at the age of 31. A few weeks later, Sheeran lost his best friend and cricketer Shane Wane, US Daily reported.

Sheeran lives on his estate in Framlingham, UK. -‚ which he reportedly bought for $5 million equivalent to 744.5m Ksh- with his wife Cherry Seaborn and their two daughters, Lyra, 3, and Jupiter, 17 months.

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